Leather Lane was laid out in the medieval period following old fields and property boundaries. 

There are many different stories on Leather Lane's history. Some say it was set up to settle a debt of King Charles, some say it was a chartered market, and others say it came about from local people living down here. One thing is for sure, Leather Lane has been a thriving market for hundreds of years. And it just keeps on getting better.



The Market

The market is vast becoming a modern phenomenon despite having been here for hundreds of years. There are traditional market traders with colourful characters and cockney accents who have been selling on our streets for three generations.

Beyond the food stalls, lining Leather Lane, you will find high-end independent coffee shops, tasty cafes and fashion boutiques. Not to mention the odd swanky pop-up shop that will come and go with a frenzy. 


18 Leather Lane

At number 18 you will find Remark! Events. On opening the big black door you will discover a character building greeting you with a spiral wrought iron staircase and a huge chandelier. 

18 Leather Lane is not only home to our meeting rooms, but office space too. On the upper floors are bus office workers from Remark!, who provide services for deaf people, and external companies who are permanent residents hiring our office space.  


Food Heaven

With a string of the trendiest food stalls in London today, on Leather Lane you can have anything from falafel to burritos and hog roasts to jacket potatoes. There's a huge choice of international cuisine right here on our doorstep from the spices of the far east to London's traditional Fish 'n' Chips.

It's an eclectic mix and one of the best places to lunch in London today.