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The minute your guests step into 18 Leather Lane they will discover the wonders of our building. Accompanied by our friendly and attentive staff, we ensure your delegates leave with a lasting impression.

Remark! Events offers a unique range of premium qualities for a venue: professional, yet relaxing atmosphere, extremely friendly and helpful staff and efficiency in arrangements and payment procedures.
— Thinknot Master Classes

Don't just take our word For it...


What better way to prove it than to ask previous clients what they really thought of Remark! Events?



Liz McKechnie - Founder
Aspire Leadership

Jamie and his team provide us with a fantastic environment for our workshops to be as productive and enjoyable as they most possibly can. The venue, the culture and the character that Jamie has created means that we never have any need to look for another venue.

Tara Johnston - Executive Assistant

The service provided by Jamie and his team makes 18 Leather Lane a home away from the office. We use the facilities here constantly as it provides our teams with a productive, and yet relaxed, environment.

Nicholas Martlew - UK Director
Crisis Action

Jamie and his team always make us feel extremely welcome whenever we use his venue! 18 Leather Lane has become an extension of our own office. The ambiance that has been established there enables our teams to work to their most productive levels whilst being away from the office environment.

Paul Glynn - Owner & Director
Aristar Financial Consulting 

Right from the start, Jamie made organising our new training programme extremely easy. His professionalism and attention to detail in managing the venue meant that we were able to focus all of our time on delivering our product to our clients. Due to the fantastic environment that Jamie has created, we are now launching new courses throughout the year at his venue. 

At Remark! Events, we are here for you. Whatever you need, we’ll do our utmost to make it happen!
— Jamie, Manager @ Remark! Events